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Proven Statistics Shows Landscaping Adds More Home Value

It is a proven fact that greenery adds to the value of not just a home, but to neighborhoods as well. For example, a recent study held over the span of 10 months and over 2,500 property transactions, analyzed the benefits of "street trees," trees planted between the road and sidewalk, of a Portland, Oregon neighborhood. The results indicated that the mere presence of a few trees raised the value of a home equivalent to a treeless home 129 feet larger in an area.

When one looks further into the benefits of having a few trees, it becomes apparent that homes will sell for more money and at a swifter rate than similar trees without greenery and of comparable location and condition. The Portland study noted that "green" homes sold over $7,000 additional dollars on average, as well as 1.7 days more quickly. Additionally, the value of a property lacking greenery but located within 100 feet of a house with greenery rose by nearly $2,000. The Portland study concluded that the total increased housing value from greenery totaled out to almost $20,000.

Beyond the benefits of raising property values, neighborhoods lined with street trees tend to have better air quality, reduced energy consumption, and reduced levels of crime.

Trees in an urban environment are a premium; just looking into property values of New York City shows that streets lined with trees are priced at a 10-15% more than similar properties due, in part, to the non-monetary benefits of trees.

While all of this may seem like good news and that every homeowner should be looking into trees for their home, either to plant or to consider in purchasing a new place, readers are cautioned that trees have their form of maintenance and care to acknowledge. Notably:

The salt mixture dispersed by salt trucks, prevalent in the winter to de-ice streets, can harm, or even kill trees.

Vehicles may accidentally bash into a tree and injure its bark.

Untended trees can become sick or infected with a variety of arboreal diseases such as slime flux, canker rot, fusiform rust, and blight, to name only a few.

Pruning is advised in areas where a tree might grow tall enough to interfere with power lines.

So in conclusion, the presence of green in a home can yield green for its owner.

Source on Adding Value to your Home Doing Landscaping