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How A Small Acorn Makes A Towering Oak Tree

Acorns are the fruits of oak trees. In the spring, oak trees begin to grow a tiny green acorn. By late fall and early winter, the acorns are a shiny brown and fully ripe. They start to fall from the tree. Acorns can't grow under the dense shade of their mother tree, but they don't have to. They depend mostly on squirrels to carry them far away. Squirrels love to eat tasty acorns, but they have to store a lot of them in secret places for the long winter. They are very successful at finding these great hiding spots, but sometimes forget precisely where they are. When that happens, the acorn will be left alone all winter long. Then, in the spring, it will start to send a taproot into the earth and a sprout into the sky. Acorn sprouts become oak saplings in about five years. Seedlings grow into small oak trees after that, flowering and producing acorns of their own. Oak trees grow taller and taller every year. These trees can grow for hundreds of years, growing bigger and taller with each passing year. With enough time and space, the littlest acorn will develop into a mighty oak tree.

Plant Acorns A Grow A Towering Oak Tree - No Maintenance Required, Simple Plant A Handful & Let Mother Nature Do the Rest!

Plant an acorn and grow a towering oak tree. The plant now and in spring you will have a magnificent oak tree sprouting up from the ground. Offering you oak tree acorns is fascinating. Merely take a tablespoon and dig a small hole and plant the oak and let Mother Nature do the rest. Acorns require absolutely no fertilizer, no maintenance or even water. Mother Nature grows her own in the forests and you can too. When you plant an acorn, an oak tree will come in the following spring, and you can create a habitat for deer, squirrels and many more little creatures like birds and other small animals to home in. Our acorns are freshly harvested, and we ship to all states. No license required to buy from us, and we offer you the best possible prices on all your planting needs.

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