NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Monday, July 25

Accenting your front walkway is easy to do as well as adds value to your home or office.

Our front entranceway is the main accent to any home or business because how we decorate the front is the way to our home so the more that we show our home off by decorating then, the more attractive it is for people to want to visit and come to see it.

For some people, they prefer pots, planters, water fountains and many other features that will show off their home and bring attention to it while others prefer a softer look of style and decoration. Accenting our walkway or driveway is a great way to bring that attention to your home or office building.

With so many plants to choose from such as Hosta, ferns, daylilies, perennials and many more plants that you can place along your walkway or driveway so that the area is accented well. By mixing different heights, colors, sizes, and styles you can draw attention to the front so that it attracts people to look and notice your area.

Adding different colors, greenery, and heights you can have that wow factor so that people want to notice you and your place!

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