NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

It is not essential to be a professional and know everything about plants and trees for selecting the best ones for your home garden.

Most of us do not know what to look for while choosing trees for our gardens. It is crucial to select the best quality healthy plants and trees as they have more chances of growth and survival.

Some of the essential things to consider if you are planning to buy trees for your garden are—

The foliage should be fresh and green with no signs of wilting or discoloration. Bright, lively, and developed leaves indicate that the plant is healthy.

The branches should be evenly distributed on the main trunk with no signs of abnormal growth.

The stems and trunk should be free from any damage or injury. Discard the ones that have got broken branches.

If you buy bare-root seedlings, it is essential to check if the roots are moist, fibrous, and healthy. All these characteristics are an indicator of a healthy plant.

Container plants should have moist and firm soil. Well-watered plants develop healthy roots.

It would be best if you avoided plants with stunted growth, undersized or dry leaves. Such plants are not healthy and might not survive in your garden.

Avoid purchasing pot-bound plants as the roots of such plants might not spread when planted in the ground. Large plants become pot-bound if they are left in the container for a long time. Their roots grow and encircle themselves inside the container. You can check if any root fibers protrude out of the drainage holes from the bottom of the container.

Avoid buying container plants that have a lot of moss or weed growth around the plant. That indicates that the plant has been in the container for a long time.

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