A Children's Garden Tips & Info about children gardening

A Children's Garden Tips & Info about children gardening

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 31 , 2016

Did you know that "kindergarten" is the German phrase, children's garden? 

It may be because they act as a greenhouse for young minds. How can little ones be involved in your garden? Plant simple things that are certain to grow and easy to take care of.

Pole beans are good starter plants, as is anything tried and right in your yard that can't be killed no matter what! Mint is an excellent choice. It's a quick grower, smells nice, and has an excellent texture for young hands that are sure to brush it again and again. You can even teach simple plant identifying techniques by showing tiny fingers the surprisingly square-shaped stems that mints are known for. Plus, it's edible, so sneaking snacks behind Mama's back is no problem. The fragrant wood mint is available in our online plant nursery.

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