NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

There is nothing better than harvesting your very own food. Oh, the joy of eating fresh, healthy fruit and veggies. Gardening is a rewarding and cost-effective hobby.

Many people think that growing a garden is too much work or even overwhelming. But we know how easy gardening can be with the proper knowledge.

We want you to know that you can easily plant a flourishing garden by using easy to grow garden plants Here are our favorite top 5 plants that make this fun of doing hobby feel like a breeze.

Green Beans: These easy to grow vegetable is great for beginners. You’ll want to make sure any danger of frost has passed before you plant green bean seeds. They are prolific and fun to grow. You’ll be amazed at how hardy they are and when they are ready you can freeze them, pickle them or simply eat them fresh. They take a while to grow but these easy to grow vegetables not only taste great but will give you gardening esteem a boost.

Strawberries: Who doesn’t love this easy to grow fruit. You’ll want to purchase bare-root plants in the early spring. Strawberries love water, and they love the sun. Be sure to keep weeds out of a strawberries path. This is important! The thing we love most about strawberries is that these sweet and yummy plants will come back year after year. This perennial is a fantastic choice for a first garden.

Bush Zucchini: This versatile veggie is simple to grow. You can use seeds or start with a transplant. The fun thing about this plat is that it only takes a few plants to produce a huge crop. Another nice feature about zucchini is that it takes up very little space. You’ll love making stir-fry, bread or just eating it fresh. You can pick this crop when it is small or big depending on how you choose to use it.

Tomatoes: Everyone loves a ripe red tomato. Tomatoes make gardening so much fun. These easy to grow plants like water, love to get dry and then drink a ton again. Beginning gardeners really can’t go wrong with these hardy plants. There are many different kinds to choose from as well.

Peppers: Bell peppers and hot peppers alike are fun and easy to grow. You’ll want to start with a plant, give them plenty of sun and water and watch them take off. You’ll love the vast flavors you’ll get from these easy to grow plants.

The more above garden plants and more information may be found here Natural gardening only requires excellent soil, some patience, and a little research. By using easy to grow garden plants, you'll not only enjoy the fruits of your labor, but you'll be ready to try something new the next year. Spending time outdoors planting and harvesting can be relaxing, fun, and we are here to help you begin!

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