16" Medium Wood Planter

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16" Medium Wood planters

16” medium wood planters are a fantastic way to create a beautiful and natural looking garden and also be able to add beautiful flowering plants and vines to bring a spectacular look. They are great and are very natural looking as they are created out of old pieces of wood from gorgeous trees. The center of these pieces are hallowed out and provides an excellent planter when potting soils are added and beautiful plants. They look amazing and make heads turn as the plants begin to grow and bring lots of color to gardens and other areas. They look great when randomly placed around on a lawn and flowers added to and around them. Vines do exceptionally well as they grow and drape over the sides of these planters. They are available for purchase through this fantastic online nursery and are shipped ready to use. They also provide proper drainage in these planters so that plants can grow to become healthy when mature. Sizes may vary.