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 Nine Bark Shrub

Nine Bark Shrub

Posted by Tammy Sons on May 19 , 2020

Caring for your Ninebark shrub

There are a few tips that a person can use to grow ninebark shrub. The first tip is to wait until the late fall before you start pruning or thinning them out. You could also do it in early spring when the blooming and new growth begins.

The second tip is to cut long twigs that protrude stick out of the top of the plant along with the bottom and sides of the ninebark. The best way to do this is with pruning shears to cut the twigs 1/4 inch above the exterior bud or the bud that is facing the outside of the shrub.

The third tip is to remove all of the interior branches that can become very large. You will need to do this with the lopping shears for the best results. You can cut the branches off at the point of origin of the plant. Only about one-third of the interior branches will need to be removed during this pruning process.

The fourth tip is to do some lighter pruning on the branches that are out of place once the plant is in full bloom so you will be able to see all of the offices of the ninebark. It is essential to be careful when you are using the pruning tools.

Pruning care for you NineBark Shrubs

The fifth tip is to cut the branches back to the ground. You should remove one-third of the branches and the thicker stems. But this will only need to happen if there is a lot of deadwood or unruly growth that the necessary pruning will not be able to correct.

The sixth tip is to make sure that you are pruning the ninebark regularly. This is because it will need to be able to be exposed to air. This will reduce the chance of the plant getting an infection that looks like powdery mildew. By the nine-bark shrub at Tn Nursery., 

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