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Our Promise


We are a family owned and operated 56 year old business. We will work hard to keep your business, because you, the customer, are our most important asset. If you have any problems with you order, kindly email us or call our sales and service lines at 931-692-4266 & 931-692-4266 within 24 hours of product receipt. We will take care of any problems that may have resulted in a mistake we have made. All stock is freshly dug. We ship in the dormant season and they will not have blooms, leaves or any green on the plants when received (evergreens are the only plants that will). See our pictures below.


Dormancy means they have no leaves, no foliage, no blooms and no greenery on them (as in the winter time). They may look dead, but they are not. You can simply scratch the bark on the trees and you will not see black or brown inside as you would if they were dead. You will see a whitish-green color inside and this shows they are alive. We dig all plants fresh and ship within one day. Our plants are state inspected and you will not receive any dead plants. Soak your plants in water for 2 hours and plant immediately. In the spring time they will leaf out, green out and bloom beautifully.


How we package to ship


Below is a picture of how bare root trees look before we package


Below are the exact same plants in spring                                                                             bare-root-after.jpg

All plants are inspected before they leave our facilities and they are not damaged or broken (inspection certificate is retained as proof) and it is advised you obtain insurance at checkout, to cover damaged items. We are not responsible for broken, damaged or defective merchandise.


If we shipped the incorrect plants or made a mistake, you must email us (Email Click Here ) proof with pictures and include an explanation with order number within 24 hours or the replacement warranty becomes null and void. No refunds and no returns on bare root plants, and all sales are final.


Orders can only be cancelled within 1 hour of placement. 

We guarentee plants to arrive in excellent condition, however after that point, we do not guarentee they will live. This is due to the fact that we cannot assure the plants were handled properly after receipt.


We are not responsible for carrier damaged, lost or broken plants or trees. We offer insurance (if you choose the option at checkout) to protect you, the customer.

B&B Trees If Received, unloaded by customer and accepted, there are no warranties when the customer sees the product and accepts them. No returns.

No replacements on plants if we do not get a claim form and pictures and see a valid problem within 24 hours of receipt.