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Vinca Minor


Product Description

Vinca Minor - Periwinkle


Climate Zone: 4-9


Mature Height: Max 1ft.


Mature Width: 6-12"


Sunlight: Partial-Full Sun


Soil Conditions: Adapts to most Soil 


Botanical Name: Periwinkle


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Vinca minor, or periwinkle  is excellent for steep hills or sloping areas where soil erosion is an issue. This vine is also perfect for planting under garden plants to keep weeds from over growing the plants. No other vine is quiet like the vinca minor vine. It's a slower grower and it is not invasive but has a ability to cover and area in a couple growing seasons, It also is an evergreen vine with delicate lavender flowers in early spring. It is an all around best selling vine that is hardy in zones 4-9. It can also tolerate drought and live well in standing water.

Have you ever heard of creeping myrtle? What about periwinkle? Or perhaps just myrtle vines? All is the vinca minor. in southern states its also know as grave yard vines because it enjoys the slopy hill surrounding sites where there is little traffic and movement around them. They are lush and glossy with a nice color in spring and summer. The best part about these vines is their ability to choke out other weeds due to them having quiet a mass of fiber roots.

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