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  • Crepe Myrtle Plants

    Crepe Myrtle Plants $12.99

    Crepe Myrtle Plants     Crepe Myrtles are great ornamental trees that many uses in a variety of landscaping projects.  They are elegant in their appearance.  The flowers will be pink, white, red or...

  • Pee Gee Hydrangea

    Pee Gee Hydrangea $12.99

    Pee Gee Hydrangea – Hydrangea Paniculata The Pee Gee Hydrangea is an excellent bush and will be full when in blossom. This Bush will have exquisite sprouts that will look like snowballs, they will be round and will be...

  • Burning Bush Shrub

    Burning Bush Shrub $12.99

    The Burning Bush Shrub - Euonymous alatus  Burning Bush Shrubs are one of fall's most treasured shrubs. It's leaves come alive with vibrant hues fo orange and firey reds. In spring and summer the leaves stays a vibrant...

  • Arrowood Viburnum

    Arrowood Viburnum $12.99

    Arrowood Viburnum – Viburnum Dentatum Arrowood Viburnum will bloom during the spring months of the year! Arrowood Viburnum makes a lovely shrub for a garden.  As it grows and spread it will look like a waterfall...

  • Golden Bell Forsythia

    Golden Bell Forsythia $12.99

    Forsythia - Forsythia intermedia  Forsythia is a hardy, deciduous shrub, which displays beautiful, bright yellow color every spring. Forsythia is an excellent choice for those in more southern areas. Forsythia features...

  • Sweet Shrub

    Sweet Shrub $12.99

    Sweet Shrub - Calycanthus floridus The Sweet Shrub gets its name legitimate with its lovely sweet smell. This bush develops best in atmosphere zones five to ten. This tree, or bush can achieve statures from anyplace between...

  • red crepe myrtle

    Red Rocket Crepe Myrtle $12.99

    Red Rocket Crepe Myrtle The Red Rocket Crepe Myrtles are gorgeous during the summer when they are in bloom. These small trees are the right size to add to a large garden and also plant randomly on a lawn. They also make a...

  •   Black Chokeberry

    Black Chokeberry $12.99

    Black Chokeberry– Aronia Melanocarpa   This shrub is a wonderful plant. The plant is beautiful and it produces edible fruit. The plant is native to here and grows very well.  Aronia Melanocarpaa will grow...

  •  Pink Crepe Myrtle

    Pink Crepe Myrtle $12.99

    Pink Crepe Myrtle Shrub The Pink Crepe Myrtle tree is amazing and brings lots of bright and brilliant color to all gardens and lawns when they are in bloom.  They grow best when planted in climate zones six through...

  • $8500.00 Worth Inventory For $1500.00 - READY TO SHIP OR PICKUP

    $8500.00 Worth Inventory For $1500.00 - READY TO SHIP OR PICKUP $1,500.00

    THIS IS WHAT'S LEFT IN OUR INVENTORY. SELLING AT 80% LESS THAN WE NORMALLY DO, AND 20% LESS THAN OUR COST. ALL FRUIT TREES RUN 4-5 FEET. 20 Magness Fruiting Plum 193 Keiffer Fruiting Pear 10 Ayers Fruiting Pear 30 Apple...

  • Bridal Wreath Spiraea

    Bridal Wreath Spiraea $12.99

    Bridal Wreath Spiraea – Spiraea Prunifolia Bridal Wreath Spiraea is a small tiny flower but will pack a lot of color and life when in bloom. This flowering plant is beautiful and will have small white flowers when in...

  • Buttonbush Shrub

    Buttonbush Shrub $12.99

    Button Bush Shrub – Cephalanthus Occidentalis Button Bush Shrub will have unique looking blooms. They will appear on the shrub in round balls, and they will look like fuzzy buttons. This shrub will look lovely when...

  • California Privet Hedge

    California Privet Hedge $12.99

    Privet Hedge   Flowering Time: Blooms in early summer, with fruit and seed production continuing to fall.How Long It Flowers: Early summer to midsummer. Flowers mature into small black berries.Flower Color: Creamy...

  • rose

    Carolina Rose Bush $12.99

    Carolina Rose - Rosa carolina Best created in typical, medium to wet, all around drained soil in full sun. Best blossoming and illness resistance happen in full sun. Water significantly and routinely (mornings are best)...

  • Copy of Peppermint Pink Crepe Myrtle

    Copy of Peppermint Pink Crepe Myrtle $12.99

    Peppermint Pink Crepe Myrtle Peppermint Pink Crepe Myrtle will be a beautiful flowering tree that will do well in zones seven through nine.  It will be smaller, only growing to around seven feet tall and five feet wide...

  • Downy Serviceberry

    Downy Serviceberry $12.99

    Downy Serviceberry – Amelanchier Arborea   Amelanchier Arborea is commonly used as an accent for outside the house or as an ornamental plant.  This tree can reach maximum heights of 20-25 feet...

  • Elderberry Shrub

    Elderberry Shrub $12.99

    Elderberry Shrub The Elderberry plant can help eliminate gas and help with problems brought on by constipation.  It is a great herb to treat any of the gastrointestinal problems that people may suffer with.  It...

  • Lavender Crepe Myrtle

    Lavender Crepe Myrtle $9.99

    Lavender Crepe Myrtle Lavender Crepe Myrtle is a variety of Lagerstroemia that will excel in growth zones six through ten.  Growing to around twenty-five feet in height, it will have amazing results in an environment...

  • Ligustrum Japonicum

    Ligustrum Japonicum $12.99

    Ligustrum Japonicum Ligustrum Japonicum are great to create a unique border. These look great around a lawn, sidewalks and also a long driveway. These shrubs are very strong and hardy. They grow up to 15 feet tall when...

  • Lilac Shrub

    Lilac Shrub $12.99

    Lilac The Lilac Shrub is a stunning flowering shrub that grows best in climate zones three through seven.  This plant will grow to be anywhere from twenty to thirty feet tall and will be anywhere from fifteen...

Shrubs in Landscaping

When people think of shrubs, they usually imagine prickly hedges and topiary bushes (often the classic Boxwood or Juniper shrubs). However, shrubs can be as beautiful as they are useful when it comes to planning a landscape. For example, Rose of Sharon and Lilac shrubs are hardy plants that produce beautiful flowers and attract pollinators. Shrubs are defined as woody plants with many stems and a shorter height than a tree (though some species of plant may develop into either, depending on their growing conditions)

Some shrubs are evergreen, and most are perennial, meaning you don't have to worry about digging them up and planting new ones each year. A topiary is a shrub that has been "groomed" into a particular shape. Many shrubs can be allowed to grow wild without trimming, but ones planted close to homes or other structures may need regular shaping. Non-Ornamental Uses for Shrubs-Well-tended shrubs can be clustered or staggered to denote property borders, create privacy, or act as a windbreak. You might plant a row of shrubs along one side of your yard to put some distance between you and your neighbors, for instance. Planting shrubs around your home can help insulate it from winter winds or provide shade through hot summers. If your garden is plagued by certain pests, shrubs can help deter them.

You can also provide food and shelter for local birds with shrubs like the burning bush, staghorn sumac, hemlocks and privet shrubs. You can also incorporate topiary shrubs into your landscaping for increased curb appeal. 

Maintenance - How much time do you want to spend on maintaining your landscape? Plants like the virginia rose bush usually look their best with regular deadheading and pruning, while a butterfly bush only needs to be pruned down every spring to stimulate new growth. Hardiness Zone-Plants grow differently (or not at all) depending on the climate they're grown in. The butterfly bush mentioned above will form into a woody, tree-like shrub in warmer zones, but not in cooler ones. Make sure your shrubs will survive! Some may also prefer more acidic or basic soil, more or less sunlight, and so on. These are all important considerations when choosing a landscaping plant that will flourish and improve your property with its presence.