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Purple Crepe Myrtle


Product Description

Purple Crepe Myrtles – Lagerstroemia Indica

USDA Climate Zone: 7 - 9

Shrub Height: 15 - 25 Feet

Shrub Width: 10 - 20 Feet

Soil Type: Prefers Moist, Well-Drained Soils

Sun: Prefers Full Sun to Partial Sun

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Purple Crepe Myrtles do well in warm and cool climates!


Purple Crepe Myrtles will make a lawn or garden burst with color when they are in bloom.  They will have beautiful purple blooms that will brighten any area.  These trees also do great in creating beautiful borders around a property.  They will grow to be up to 25 feet tall and can be around 20 feet wide.  These trees do amazingly well in moist and well drained soils.  They do great in full sun and partial sunlight.  The Purple Crepe Myrtle makes a great statement when they are in bloom.

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