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Moss For Zone 10

  • cushion moss for sale

    Cushion Moss $4.99

    Cushion Moss Leucobryum, commonly called white moss or cushion moss, can be found growing wild worldwide, and has quickly made its way into homeowner gardens as a ground cover and can be used for decorative touches. This...

  • moss grab bag

    Garden Moss Grab Bag - Hand Chosen Mosses Perfect For Your Zone $4.99

    The Garden Moss Grab Bag is a great choice if selecting just one or two of the mosses offer is hard.  It can be a difficult choice to just pick one or two; they are so beautiful!  This grab bag will contain ten...

  • Hair Cap Moss

    Hair Cap Moss $4.99

    Hair Cap Moss The Hair Cap Moss Is An Evergreen perennial     Hair Cap Moss is a beautiful and spectacular moss for the garden or landscape. This evergreen plant is a perennial, and the leaves on this plant...

  • Hedwigia Moss

    Hedwigia Moss $4.99

    Hedwigia Moss Hedwigia Moss is also scientifically known as Hedwidia Ciliata. This plant will make an amazing groundcover for natural areas and also large places on a lawn or landscape.  It will grow best when planted...

  • Moss Covered Rocks

    Moss Covered Rocks $4.99

    Moss Covered Rocks are great to use to accent areas of the garden or landscape.  These are popular in landscaping and become more and more popular each year. They are perfect for creating a beautiful and wistful...

  • Polytrichum Moss

    Polytrichum Moss $4.99

     Polytrichum Moss  Polytrichum Moss is a common variety of Hair Cap Moss and is excellent for planting in climate zones three through nine.  This moss can be up to two feet in height and can spread out a foot...

  • Rock Cap Moss

    Rock Cap Moss $4.99

    Rock Cap Moss (Dicranum) Rock Cap Moss is a species of moss that grows in the wild on the tops of boulders and rocks. This type of moss is densely packed together and is a medium to dark green in color. This type of...

  • Sheet Moss

    Sheet Moss $4.99

    Hypnum Moss (Sheet Moss) CARPET MOSS There are some great choices if you're looking for moss for sale. In addition the Hypnum moss have some interesting qualities.The next time you walk into a garden, take a look...

  • Spagnum Moss

    Spagnum Moss $4.99

    Sphagnum Moss Sphagnum Moss is best for growing in climate zones five through nine and will be around four inches or so tall when it is done growing.  It prefers soils that are clay or sandy in composition as well as...

  • Terrarium Moss

    Terrarium Moss $4.99

    Terrarium Moss Moss for terrsriums is made for the use of tropical plants and homes for pets such as reptiles. Moss Terrariums can be found outdoors, in homes or in offices. They are mostly made of low maintenance greenery...

  • Topiary Moss

    Topiary Moss $4.99

    Topiary Moss We ship you pieces of moss and you can make anything you want from it, literally. Most people uses chicken wire to mold a design and then put moss peices in the small holes of the wire. Its exotic and fun and...