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 Choose Large Trees For Shade and Fast Results In Landscaping


We all love shade trees.  We even call a forest a cathedral because of the awe a forest of trees can inspire.  A landscape is not complete without trees. You can even safely say that our lives are not complete without trees because they give off oxygen so we can breathe.  Luckily we can pick out the trees we love best and have them in our own yards. 

In general, trees are sent to us as large B&B trees. That means balled and burlapped. The tree is dug up, balled and burlapped and tied with twine for delivery or pick up.  Check to be sure the ball (roots of the tree) is at least 10 times the diameter of the tree. Measure 6" up to check the correct sizes of large B&B large trees. 

Occasionally you can transport large B&B trees yourself, but most of the time, you will want installers with a large truck and a tree dolly. They can plant your tree properly and give it the best chance of a healthy life. The best time to plant a tree is in the cool weather of fall, so the tree can develop healthy roots before it needs energy to grow leaves.

Trees That Are Large Give Your Fast Results When Planted



Balled and burlapped landscaping trees allow homeowners to transform their property in less time than if they were to use tree seedlings for their landscaping needs. Balled and burlapped landscaping trees can be highly desirable for several reasons. Some individuals may find it difficult to accurately visualize what their property will look like when tree seedlings are planted. Space and aesthetic considerations may be compromised should a homeowner realize that a particular kind of tree seedling is ill suited to the property. In contrast, balled and burlapped landscaping trees provide a better estimate of both what the plant will look like as part of the landscape and how much space it will require as it matures.


Landscaping Trees Enhances A Home





 In many instances, homeowners will have fewer hesitations about using balled and burlapped landscaping trees because many logistical concerns are alleviated upon inspection of the plant. As noted, many individuals prefer these landscaping trees because they can more quickly add allure to the property. If you are a homeowner and wish to improve the natural appeal of your yard, but would rather not wait on the maturation process of tree seedlings, consider balled and burlapped landscaping trees. Strong and beautiful, they can instantly enhance your home.

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