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Huckleberry - Vaccinium Caespitosum


Zone 2-7 Mature Height: 2-9 ft.  Mature Width:  8-10 ft.  Growth/Year: Less than 1 ft.  Sunlight: Partial to Full Shade  Soil Conditions: Adaptable to various Soils


The Vaccinium Caespitosum is commonly known as this fruit plant. This name is used for many different plants throughout North America. The flowers and fruit of this plant resembles those of the high bush or low bush blueberries which is similar to this species. This fruit bush produces small blue berries or clusters that can be eaten, canned or jammed.


Berry bare root are a great addition to any home

Berry plants are great to have around your home. Their berries are great to make jams and pies.


Berry plants can provide you with delicious fruit.


You will always have great fruit at hand when you have a fruit tree on your lawn.


Botanical Name: Vaccinium Caespitosum | Huckleberry

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