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Green Ash Trees


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Green Ash - Fraxinus Pennsylvancia

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This tree is a deciduous tree that has irregular shape when young and develops an oval crown with age. It has gray bark and twigs that that droop to the ground then bend upward at their tips. This tree grows on wet or dry soil. It easily adapts to a wide variety of landscaping conditions. It grows well on city planting pits and other confined spaces as much as it does on open landscapes. Because of its high resistance to urban conditions and a variety of growing conditions it is one of the most preferred trees to grow in streets lawns campuses and parks.

This tree can grow up to 60’ - 70’ tall and up to 45’ wide. It grows rapidly; in growing zone 8 and 9 a young tree of this type can gain 6 -10 feet in height in a year. For landscaping purposes the male plants are preferred. Female plants produce samaras which some consider as messy. When you plant this tree 1-2 Foot make sure to regularly prune the plant when it is young to cultivate a nice central trunk.

This tree can be easily propagated either by bud grafting or by seed. However if you have an immediate need for already growing tree such as this one also known as the Fraxinus Pennsylvanica 1-2 Foot then you should shop at TN Nursery. Not only do we source from expert growers our prices are also 10% cheaper than our competitors. We will also deliver your order to your address in less than 2 weeks – surely the quickest you can find on the web.

Trees will add great value to your home. Green Ash Trees are a Hardy Native Choice


Trees planted on your lawn will add great beauty and value to your home. There are several different varieties you can choose from.

Trees can attract wildlife and add shade to your lawn.

Ash trees will add an abundance of shade to your lawn and may even attract the occasional squirrel. Trees are also great to attract different types of birds. This tree is also one that can add a lot of décor to your lawn and will turn heads of those going by.

Zone - 3-9

Mature Height: 60-70 ft.

Mature Width: 45 ft.

Growth/Year: 3+ ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Soil Conditions: Moist, deep, fertile soils

Botanical Name: Fraxinus Pennsylvanica Green Ash


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