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Plants By Type


Grasses For Ohio

  •  Carrot Weed

    Carrot Weed $4.98

    Carrot Weed This plant is called this because the flower resembles lace; the red flower in the center represents a blood droplet where Queen Anne pricked herself with a needle when she was making the lace...

  • Appalachian Sedge Grass

    Appalachian Sedge Grass $4.98

    Appalachian Sedge    This sedge is not just pretty to look at but also a hardy grower.  When you are getting ready for a new landscaping project you want to choose plants that are adaptable and easy to...

  • Barnyard Grass

    Barnyard Grass $4.98

    Barnyard Grass  Botanical Latin Name: Echinochloa crus-galli (L) p. Beauv Common Name: Barnyard grass Sun Exposure: Full to partial sun Hardiness Zones: USDA zones 3-8 Mature Height: 5 feet Spread: Under...

  • Big Bluestem Grass

    Big Bluestem Grass $4.98

    Big Bluestem Grass  This plant makes for a great hedge with its large lush dense foliage. The plant is a great way to save money on purchasing a fence when instead you can plant this. The plant can reach heights of 6...

  • Blue Joint Grass

    Blue Joint Grass $4.98

    Blue Joint Grass -  Calamagrostis Canadansis  This grass when in bloom looks  like a masterpiece sitting around the lake or pond.  This perennial  clump-forming grass grows to a height of 3-5 ft...

  • Brome Sedge Grass

    Brome Sedge Grass $4.98

    Brome Sedge   This sedge is a small grassy perennial plant. This plant is native to the United States so it grows very well here. This makes it a very good flower bed plant.   Choose Native Grass to...

  • Bur-Reed Grass

    Bur-Reed Grass $4.98

    Bur-Reed Common Name: Bur Reed Sun Exposure: Full sun.  .  Mature Height: 30 to 90 centimeters.  Spread: Spreads efficiently though not too quickly. Spacing: Bur reeds grow well when close...

  • Carex pennsylvanica For Sale

    Carex pennsylvanica $4.98

    Pennsylvania sedge Pennsylvania Sedge, or Carex pensylvanica, grows low and bunched like grass. It gets 6 to 12 inches tall with a bunch of cocoa seed cases sticking high on the stem. In Spring and Summer, it has light...

  • Cherokee Sedge Grass

    Cherokee Sedge Grass $4.98

     Cherokee Sedge  ...

  • Creek Sedge

    Creek Sedge $4.98

    Creek Sedge - Carex  Amphibola   This sedge has medium to thin  leaves that are dark green. It makes strong distinct clumps. It tends to be  small half globe about 8-10 inches around. It grows in areas...

  • Fox Sedge

    Fox Sedge $4.98

    Fox Sedge The plant flourishes well in any condition furthermore spreads well. It all comes down to the sort of plants that you choose to plant. Those searching for a plant that spreads and flourishes will like this plant...

  • Green Bulrush

    Green Bulrush $4.98

    Green Bulrush - Scirpus atrovirens Green Bulrush is otherwise called Dark-Green Bulrush. This grass will develop incredible in wet soils, and will endure being in water profundities of 1 inch or more. It functions admirably...

  • Hair Grass

    Hair Grass $4.98

    Hair  Grass   This grass is just that a water  plant whose leaves resemble thin strands of hair.  This grass that  resembles hair is it so? Yes this grass gets its famous name because the...

  • Hardstem Bulrush

    Hardstem Bulrush $4.98

    Hardstem  Bulrush This grass growing in ponds and other bodies of water this bull rush can survive up to five feet of water. These tall plants have smooth green stems that have brown flowers at the tips. They are...

  • Hop Sedge

    Hop Sedge $4.98

    Hop Sedge - Carex lupulina The Hop Sedge from the Cyperaceae gang. It is a local grass and additionally a lasting sedge that has a tuft of leaves and culms that blossom. The Sedge will develop best in zones...

  • Horse Tail Grass

    Horse Tail Grass $4.98

    Horsetail   This grass is a great native wetland plant that looks well grown around any body of water.  This grass has the scientific name of Equisetum fluviatile but is also sometimes referred to as the...

  • Indian Grass

    Indian Grass $4.98

    Indian Grass - Sorghastrum nutans Sorghastrum nutans, normally called Indian grass, is a warm season Missouri neighborhood enduring grass which frequently happens in prairies, glades and open woods all through the State. It...

  • Lizard's Tail

    Lizard's Tail $4.98

    Lizard's Tail - Saururus cernuus Lizard's Tail (generally called water-legendary brute) is a rhizomatous, deciduous, negligible maritime enduring that usually creates to 2-4' tall in nature. Being developed in water...

  • Maiden Cane Grass

    Maiden Cane Grass $4.98

    Maidencane - Panicum Hemitomon  Maidencane is a type of Grass and is Native Southern United States and occurs around the Coastal regions of Texas to New Jersey it is also Occurring in South America.  Maidencane...

  • Monkey Grass

    Monkey Grass $4.98

    Monkey Grass Is A Unique Ornamental Grass If you want to plant a grass that looks good everywhere you plant it then Monkey Grass is the grass for you. Hardy in zones 3-11, it's versitile and easy to grow. It works best when...

We offer a diverse group of grasses to the state of Ohio. We have taken every single step possible to be able to offer you with the best grasses possible for your specific state. Or goal is to make sure you are fully satisfied and take advantage of the ability to order these seeds online with ease. We are enormously thankful for the opportunity we have to be able to offer these specific grass plants to your state and we hope that you will take the chance to make a comment at the end of your purchase in the checkout and let us know what you love most about what we have to offer so that we can better our company to make sure you specially are fully satisfied.