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Ferns For Ohio

  • Bladder Fern

    Bladder Fern $4.98

    Bladder Fern - Cystopteris bulbifera   Bladder Ferns are great for rock gardens and hardy enough for tougher soils. Part of this is because they are native to rockier areas of North America: in fact, these ferns can...

  • new york fern

    New York Fern $4.98

    New York Ferns - Thelypteris noveboracensis  New York Ferns are a smaller fern, with a bright green frond with one special, unique characteristic. The size of the leaves on the fronds tapers both at the tip and towards...

  • Silvery Glade Fern

    Silvery Glade Fern $5.69

    Silvery Glade Fern Silvery Glade Fern grows best in wetland areas, and of course around climates which are cool, damp, and receive a large amount of shade. These plants are drought tolerant but should be afforded moist to...

  • Buy Shield Fern

    Shield Fern $5.29

    Shield Fern - Dryopteris cristata   Shield Ferns are a sturdy mid-sized fern, which are simple to grow. Shield Ferns are similar to most ferns in that they seem to grow best in shaded moist areas. This fern does...

  • Autumn Fern

    Autumn Fern $4.98

    Autumn Fern - Dryopteris erythrosora   Autumn Ferns, as the name suggests, portray dazzling autumn colors. These ferns change colors beginning in spring, and typically by summer's end are brilliant green once more...

  • Beech Fern

    Beech Fern $4.98

    Beech Ferns - Phegopteris hexagonoptera   Beech Ferns are considered to be hardy if their water needs are met and work well in outdoors in gardens or yards or indoors in planters or pots. They are non-toxic perennials...

  • Black-Stemmed Spleenwort Fern

    Black-Stemmed Spleenwort Fern $6.49

    Black Stemmed Spleenwort Black Stemmed Spleenwort is a smaller fern, and it grows well in areas that have lots of rocky terrains. It prefers to be in fully shaded areas but can grow in partial shade as well. This fern also...

  • Bracken Fern

    Bracken Fern $6.49

    Bracken Fern - Pteridium aquilinum   Bracken Ferns, often shortened to 'Bracken,' are some of the most common ferns worldwide. They spread aggressively and will overtake a garden or landscaped area if not carefully...

  • Brake Fern

    Brake Fern $4.98

    Brake Fern - Pteridium aquilinum   Brake ferns have long pointed leaves, and quick growing fronds, this fern often has a thick, bushy look. They are hardy and bright green, simple to plant and reproduce.  Their...

  • Broad Beech Fern

    Broad Beech Fern $4.98

    Broad Beech Broad Beech Ferns bring lots of natural beauty to all types of shady gardens when grown.  It has rich green color and also long fronds that can grow to be up to two feet long.  This fern does well when...

  • Chain Ferns

    Chain Ferns $4.98

    Netted Chain Ferns - Woodwardia areolata   Netted Chain Ferns are very similar in care requirements and appearance to the more common Sensitive Fern. The biggest difference between the two, is that the fertile fronds...

  • Christmas Fern

    Christmas Fern $5.29

    Christmas Fern - Polystichum acrostichoides   Christmas fern is an American native. Their genuine tract occurs alien Prominent Scotia, on the north, to Florida. They suit rejected as take west as Texas. These ferns...

  • Cinnamon Fern

    Cinnamon Fern $6.49

    Cinnamon Fern - Osmundastrum cinnamomeum   Cinnamon Ferns are native to many of the world's bogs and swamps, with a natural rage occurring primarily in the Americas and Eastern Asia. The Cinnamon Fern is not...

  • Climbing Fern

    Climbing Fern $4.98

    Climbing Fern Climbing Ferns are amazing and add lots of color to areas.  It can be trained to grow up trees and onto other structures as long as the soil conditions are good.  They prefer to be in soils that are...

  • Deer Fern

    Deer Fern $4.98

    Deer Fern - Blechnum spicant  The Deer Fern is gorgeously striking, with fronds showing a glossy black stem and plush, emerald green leaves. The leaves also feature a texture that is unique. This makes the deer an...

  • Fiddlehead Fern

    Fiddlehead Fern $5.69

    Fiddlehead Ferns - Matteuccia struthiopteris   Fiddlehead ferns are an amazing fern and are also edible.  Most who have experienced the old-world culinary delicacy of Fiddlehead Ferns, won't soon forget it. The...

  • Fragile Fern

    Fragile Fern $4.98

    Fragile Fern Fragile Ferns are great to add to rocky areas, and they grow between the rocks to add some great color.  They love soils that are moist but also do great in drier soil types as long as they are fertile...

  • Goldy Fern

    Goldy Fern $4.98

    Golden Fern - Pityrogramma austroamericana  The Golden Fern is native to the Americas, with a natural range that extends as far as Hawaii. Golden Ferns commonly grow in rocky areas with spare, thin soil, and are...

  • Grape Fern

    Grape Fern $4.98

    Grape Fern  Grape Ferns are very unusual.  As the fronds grow, they have small berries to look like small grapes on them.  These are very delicate ferns, and the stems are very fragile on them.  They can...

  • Hairy Lipfern Fern

    Hairy Lipfern Fern $4.98

    Hairylip Fern  Hairy lips ferns are a delicate and elegant looking one and look amazing when added to containers and also grows well in gardens and natural areas.  It does great when planted in full and partial...

>We offer a total number of 41 ferns to your beautiful state. We love providing your state with the most beautiful and diverse ferns because of how much positive feedback we receive from your state. If you are one of those very satisfied customers please take the time at the point of check out to leave us a comment and let us know how we can better our company to accommodate to you personally.