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Plants By Type


Berries For Pennsylvania

  • Boysenberry Bush

    Boysenberry Bush $16.99

    Boysenberry Bush The Boysenberry Bush is a lovely plant that grows best in climate zones four through eight and at full maturity can be 4-8 feet tall. It can also be up to eight feet wide when it is full grown. The wait on...

  • Concord Grape Vine

    Concord Grape Vine $16.99

    Concord Grape Vine  Concord grapes are considered to be one of the finest varieties for wine making. They are also used for making the finest juice. Our Concord grapes are a full bodied variety that will produce grapes...

  • Heritage Red Raspberry

    Heritage Red Raspberry $16.99

    Heritage Red Raspberry Heritage red raspberry is picked to be the favorite of this variety because of its sweet, ripe flavor. It can yield crops two different times of the year. Once in the summer and once in the fall until...

  • Low Bush Blueberry

    Low Bush Blueberry $16.99

    Low Bush Blueberry Low bush blueberry can also be commonly called a groundcover because of its low growing ability. It prefers to have a trellis or line that it can grow on; it is not necessary, but it is very helpful...

  • Strawberry Vine

    Strawberry Vine $16.99

    Barren Strawberry - Waldsteinia fragariodes  Find quality Barren Strawberry for sale as well as other native plants for sale at our online nursery, all for the lowest wholesale prices! This Barren Strawberry makes for...

  • Wild Blackberry Bush

    Wild Blackberry Bush $16.99

    Wild Blackberry Bush (Thorns) Wild blackberry bush when the root bark is added with honey it makes a remedy for a cough. Can be turned into a syrup as well.  The Wild Blackberry Bush (Thorns) is part of the Rosaceae...

  • Black Raspberry

    Black Raspberry $12.99

    Black Raspberry (Ideaus Rubus)     Raspberry- Black Raspberry (Ideaus Rubus)   Wholesale at TN Nursery Black Raspberry Wine You will need: - 7 Pints of Water- 3 to 4 lbs. of Black Raspberries- 2 1/4...

  • Blackberry Bush

    Blackberry Bush $16.99

    Blackberry Plants-Fruiting (Ideaus Rubus) Wholesale at TN Nursery Native Blackberry Cobbler For Berry Mixture you will need: - 6 Cups of Washed & Drained Blackberries- 2 Cups of Water- 1 1/2 Cups of Sugar- Pinch of...

  • Blue Ridge Blueberry Bush

    Blue Ridge Blueberry Bush $16.99

    Blue Ridge Blueberry - Vaccinium Pallidum   The Blue Ridge Blueberry plants are good plants to grow in your yard. These berry plants grow well in zones 3-9 and will grow in any type soil. Our wholesale fruit plants...

  • Deer Berry Bush

    Deer Berry Bush $16.99

    Deer Berry (Vaccinium Stamineum 3 yr plant) Wholesale at TN Nursery  The Vaccinium stamineum which is the botanical name for this plant and is also commonly known as deer berry even squaw huckleberry or gooseberry...

  • Dewberry Plants

    Dewberry Plants $16.99

    Dewberry (Canadensis Rubus) Wholesale at TN Nursery  Dewberries are both delicious and easy to grow!  We are one of the leading companies involved in the online supply of Dewberry Canadensis Rubus of various ages...

  • Farkleberry Shrub

    Farkleberry Shrub $16.99

    Farkleberry (Vaccinium Arboreum 3 yr bareroot plant) Wholesale at TN Nursery  The Farkleberry is one of the most known fruit plants that can be used in herbal medicines as well as a good fruit to eat.  We are one...

  • Hi Bush Blueberry Bush

    Hi Bush Blueberry Bush $16.99

    "Hi Bush" Blueberry Bush (Vaccinium Corymbosum)  Blueberries are more popularly known as the flowering plants of the genus Vaccinium. They bear dark-blue berries and the Species in the section Cyanococcus are commonly...

  • Rabbiteye Blueberry

    Rabbiteye Blueberry $16.99

    Rabbiteye Blueberry  Rabbiteye Blueberry grows into amazing shrubs.  These can grow to become ten to fifteen feet tall and can also expand to be up to ten feet wide.  They grow two to three feet each year and...

  • Wild Huckleberry

    Wild Huckleberry $16.99

    Huckleberry - Vaccinium Caespitosum  Huckleberry or Vaccinium Caespitosum is commonly known as this fruit plant. This name is used for many different plants throughout North America. The flowers and fruit of this plant...

We did special research and found only the best berries that we can offer to the state of Pennsylvania. We love developing each and every one of our plants but these are some of our particular favorite because of the beauty of them. We vary from our low bush blueberries to our farkle berry shrub. We are extremely thankful for the opportunity we have to be able to offer these specific plants to your state and we hope that you will take the chance to make a comment at the end of your purchase in the checkout and let us know what you love most about what we have to offer.